KWTRP-PU Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods.


This Diploma is a unique learning program whose aim is to equip recent graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge of the philosophy and practice of research so as to enhance their transition to a research career or further postgraduate training. The course covers all types of health research from basic biomedical research to social science and health system research and provides an opportunity for the students to develop a deep appreciation of the various elements of research through attachment in a highly active research environment.

The students are physically located at the KWTRP facilities in Kilifi and Nairobi but are registered with Pwani University, Kilifi. The course consists of taught sessions, a research project and self-directed learning through participation in scientific meetings including seminars, and journal clubs. Each student is allocated to a researcher for both mentorship and supervision selected on the basis of having submitted a plan for a structured training in a particular research area. The three components run concurrently to enable the students complete the course within eight months (Sept - April) and graduate within the same year (Normally between August - October depending in the University graduation schedule. Studentship start date is 1st Sept 2019.

Assessment is through a written course and submission of a project report. Those who pass the assessment are issued with certificates during the Pwani University graduation ceremony.

All cost for the training including registration and tuition fees are catered for by KWTRP. In addition the students receive a stipend to help them meet their accommodation and other living expenses.


We have established a rigorous recruitment process, and plan to fund about 15 students every year based at both KWTRP sites in Kilifi and Nairobi. Recruitment is in two stages: First, applications are invited from anyone who completed their undergraduate training in the previous two years or will have completed by the start of the course. 100-150 applicants are selected to attend a Research Careers Day in Nairobi. The Careers Day involves talks and discussions on the research activities at KWTRP and PU and research as a career followed by a written exam which forms the basis for the second round of shortlisting. Subsequently, the top scoring candidates are invited for a face-to-face interview at either the Nairobi or Kilifi KWTRP offices depending on the student's preferred project.

Please note: only successful candidates are contacted.

All application should be done online. Applicants will be required to register and after that login using the email address and password they used for registration in order to access the application form.  If you need further information please email us at . Emails directed to other addresses may be missed and go unanswered.

Note: You can apply for two positions in one application by applying for the position you're mostly interested in (1st preference) and then specifying a 2nd preference when filling the application form. This is only applicable when there is more than one position open.

1. Click on the title of a position you're interested in to see the full desciption of the post.

2. A link "Submit Application" will be available at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on the submit application link and fill in the resulting form.

Title Reference Number Type Expiry Date
Examining the operations and functioning of county health stakeholders’ forum in the context of devolution in Kenya PGD5/BTsofa/Countyhealthfunctioning PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Vitamin D and respiratory infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies PGD5/SAtkinson/Vitamin D and respiratory infection PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Undernutrition and malaria in African children PGD5/SAtkinson/Undernutrition PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
MALDI-TOF-MS to measure the age of malaria vectors PGD5/MMaia/Malaria vectors PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Access and utilization of healthcare services among children with neurodevelopmental disabilities in Kenya. PGD5/JAbuga/Neurodevelopmental disabilities PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Investigating the diversity of antibody responses to a novel malaria vaccine candidate PGD5/JTuju/Antibody responses PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Diagnosis of acute infections through microarray-based analysis of antibodies in lymphocyte supernatants PGD5/CSande/Lymphocyte supernatants PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Biology of Tungiasis: Tunga penetrans Genome Project PGD5/CAndisi/ Biology of Tungiasis PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Burden and risk factors for common mental disorders and substance use disorders among young people living with HIV from low- and middle-income countries: A systematic Review PGD5/AAbubakar/Mental disorders PGD Training Position 10-02-2019
Trends in low-birth weight deliveries at Kilifi District Hospital since 2006 PGD5/ANyaguara/ Low-birth weight deliveries PGD Training Position 10-02-2019