Examining the influence of internships on choice of science as a career using structured modelling equations

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Dr. Sam Kinyanjui

KWTRP has run a graduate internship scheme for the last 10 years. Many of those who have undergone this training have now gone on choose research as a career and developed into  productive researchers. The internship mixes formal classroom learning, structured mentorship, and experiential learning through doing a research project, while critical thinking is nurtured through attendance of seminars, journal clubs and other scientific meetings at KWTRP.  While we think that the internship is instrumental in the subsequent choice of research as career by the interns,  it is not clear to what extent different aspects of the internship influence such career choice.


Main Research Question:

What is contribution of the different aspects of the KWTRP internship to interns subsequent career choice and how the factors related?


The student will learn:

  1. Application of Structured Modelling Equations to career choices.


Preferred training background of prospective student:

  1. Statistics
  2. Knowledge in R-Software


Application deadline: 19 July 2019