Head Of Epidemiology and Demography

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Full time
Clinical Healthcare and Research
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Programme Leadership:

KWTRP is a large Programme, now including 800 staff and 50 Principal Investigators working across hubs in Kilifi, Nairobi and Uganda. We account for £20M spending per year, 200 scientific publications per year and direct influences on areas such as vaccination policy, care of critical illness and health economic policy across Africa. Capacity building is a central aim and has been highly successful, included 76 completed PhD students and newly independent scientists through 10 Training Fellowships, 5 Intermediate Fellowships, 4 African Research Leader awards and an Oak Fellowship.  We are now expanding our scientific leadership team to support the next phase of the Programme’s development. 

The Head of Epidemiology and Demography will be a critical part of the new team, with responsibility for scientific strategy and decision making and for a transition in leadership within the Programme.  She/he will take a leading role in the core funding renewal and shape the direction of the Programme for the near future and longer term with a centre of gravity based in Kenya, and in addition act as a Principal Investigator in their own right leading independent research. 

Epidemiology/Demography Leadership:

The Epidemiology and Demography Department is central to the Programme’s surveillance strategy, overseeing the Kilifi Health Demographic Surveillance System with >0.25M residents, integrated ward surveillance of 5000 admissions per year, and surveillance of primary healthcare facilities.  Researchers in Kilifi work on diverse areas ranging from vaccine effectiveness studies through to viral transmission and host genetics.  Researchers in Nairobi work on spatial epidemiology, case management and public health with an emphasis on malaria.

With support from Head of Surveillance and Managers of the Demographic Surveillance team and ward surveillance, the Head will be responsible for setting strategic priorities and plans for Epidemiology and Demography, in addition to the broader Programme-wide responsibilities described above.  The post will include substantial allocated time for developing and leading new independent research initiatives, with the expectation of building an independent research portfolio that addresses critical healthcare challenges in our setting.

The post requires a scientist with a track record of extensive and noteworthy independent scientific output, with proven capacity to attract funds for research relevant to LMIC settings.  Experience of leadership in research is essential, reaching at least group level.  External coaching in leadership skills will be made available to the successful applicant.